We are proud to be the premier experts at ease dropping surveillance detection and countermeasures. BSI private investigator’s team and technicians are licensed, certified, insured and bonded for ease dropping debugging at your home, office, car including cell phones, landlines and computers. Stalkers have been using technology to invade your privacy at home, office and in your own car. As technology advances, ease dropping and surveillance equipment becomes more easier to find, purchase and use. Yes, using illegal surveillance devices has become as easy as you can imagine.

Blue Systems International has the only private investigator’s professional team that can handle every ease dropping case scenario; Combining home, office, land line, cell phone, computers and electronic devices. The revelation of who Deep Throat is, the secret information from the Watergate scandal, are examples of threats faced today known as “bugging” or as the technical term used in business call it, “technical surveillance.”

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures Form

Bug Sweep

TSCM bug sweeps, ease dropping detection by a licensed private investigator and professional electronic detection technician. Electronic ease dropping criminals and identity thieves are now spying on everyone using electronic spyware detection devices and equipment that are easily purchased now on the internet via online electronic stores. Our professional technicians can find and detect those ease dropping devices and are able to disconnect or remove the spyware devices and report them to the police and proper authorities.
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What is a bug? A bug is a device/object that is hand placed by someone in a specific area that intercepts communications such as audio or even video and transmits the information out to a listening post

What is a TSCM Bug Sweep and how do we use it? TSCM stands for Technical Security Counter Measure operations and is what corporations use to perform a bug sweep in order to counter a bug. TSCM is specialized in a specific area that requires expensive equipment and we have the most advanced equipment of them all in order to provide an accurate bug sweep. The equipment requires regular updating (which ours always are) and sweeps are usually pricey, although not as expensive as how much potential losses from a bugged office could be. Some firms charge more than $10,000 for just one floor of an office building so you probably want to limit the scope of the sweep to sensitive areas. A trained private investigator with training in TCSM and bug detection techniques can sweep your house, office, or other buildings efficiently and quickly. They can also assist you to investigate how and by who the devices were placed. You most likely would want to know what they learned, who was responsible, and how you can prevent this from happening again. This is why we recommend a professional.

Private Investigator Bug SweepA sweep is operated by professional investigators who can go over your personal security that involves phones, computers, and other potential devices for eavesdropping. Once the ease dropping spyware device is located and found, the investigator technician will help you decide on what action is best to take next. There are also many types of detection methods that are utilized by technician investigators. You may immediately want to have these devices removed and destroyed.  However,  usually the best thing to do is to use counter measures techniques to help and assist the technician investigator in identifying who has installed the device and to gather information on the source of the device. The countermeasure techniques can help assist and lets you take the correct legal and civil actions against whoever committed the crime. The actual sweep is completed using many different techniques. Sophisticated detection tools are used to find devices that are well hidden. Visual searches are made to find other devices and computers may need to be looked at to find malware that has been installed to capture keystrokes and screen images.

Surveillance counter measures request by clients that are experiencing a stalker can get an immediate relief from stress, anxiety and mind exhaustion.   All you have to do is make the call to the technician private investigator that can detect, find, and locate all spyware devices. 

Please describe briefly what have you experienced, here are examples of what clients have reported and complained about:

Beginning a few years ago I started having issues with my apartment getting broken into, mail being stolen, issues with my cell phone and random people I had never met knowing my personal business. It was so bad I had to sell all my belongings and move. In addition a year and a half ago I was standing with my bike when a vehicle sped into the entrance I was standing near veered left right into me and severely injured me. I don’t believe it was a accident. I want to

Stop it and catch these surveillance criminals who violated my privacy and it’s caused me a lot of pain suffering, emotionally stressed out.

Neighbors have been using nefarious methods to obtain my parents property. This includes LRAD, bugs, intimidation, attempted murder. They are extremely wealthy and motivated so hard evidence has been hard to come by, although I have some. There is a lot of circumstantial evidence though.

My neighbors may have put cameras in my home and have been banging, kicking, tapping the walls as I walk in the room or sit down or wake up and stomping on the stairs and throwing rocks at the window. They make noise at the exact moment in about to do something or finish doing something. It is not random.

How long have you been under electronic surveillance ? Please list dates, times and locations.

The last three years and have suffered severely emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially.

Solution by a professional technician private investigator: We must conducted a thorough TSCM bug sweep known a technical surveillance counter measures ease dropping

Are you being watched?  Does someone know your every move?  Are you in danger?

Technical Surveillance counter measure also know as “TSCM” is one of the most important service a private investigator can offer their client.  Can you imagine if the enemy is able to listen, watch and know your every move?  Now a days anyone can buy a spy bug and start stalking you without any detection no whats ever.  An experienced Technical Surveillance counter measure investigator can immediately locate all spy bugs, spy devices and spy equipment.  Locating Neutralizing and disabling the spy bugs, spy devices and spy equipment is a very technical counter measures procedure that is performed with extreme caution.  Afterwards, another important task that TSCM investigator performs is securing the spy bugs, spy devices and spy equipment for evidence in order to file a police report and for court proceedings.  We will find and locate spy bugs, spy devices and spy equipment, even if a court order was effective and you are under any type of surveillance.

TSCM “Bug Sweep”

TSCM Bug Sweep

What is a TSCM or Bug Sweep?

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM), or bug sweeps are services offered by a TSCM investigator that is trained, certified and a technically savvy investigator. Technical Surveillance counter measure investigative purpose is to detect and uncover any illegal surveillance devices such as spy bugs, spy devices and spy equipment; Any unknown technical surveillance devices, and any technical security weaknesses. TSCM investigators, Bug sweeps and inverse surveillance measures can mean uncovering wiretapping, hidden cameras, tracking devices, and spyware.

Why Do I Need Counter Surveillance Measures?

In a perfect world, without internet and Ebay, no one would need a TSCM investigator or a bug sweeps. Federal and state laws are designed to protect all american’s privacy and prohibit the illegal use of ease dropping, spy bugs, spy devices and spy equipment. In many cases, these laws make it illegal for someone to conduct an illegal electronic surveillance on someone without one’s consent. However, we do not live in a perfect world, and many people use illegal surveillance methods to spy on other individuals. TSCM bug sweep investigator can detect and discover if you are a victim that is experiencing illegal surveillance methods such as: spy bugs, spy devices and spy equipment.   Many individuals and companies can profit from using illegal surveillance methods such as spy bugs, spy devices and spy equipment; in order to ease drop and get information.  Always remember knowledge is power.  Some people may want to spy on those involved in litigation, in order to gather evidence that can be used in court or can be used to pressure someone to drop a case. In divorce cases, spouses may spy on each other in order to gather evidence against each other. Affluent people are often the target of spying, since individuals want to gather private information for criminal purposes. Some criminals may use illegal surveillance devices in order to gather information that can be used in identity theft.

businesses are big targets for illegal and covert surveillance, as competitors and criminals try to gather trade secrets, future business plans, and insider financial information from successful companies.

USA constitution guarantees everyone has a right to privacy, and bug sweeps and other counter surveillance measures can ensure that private information stays safe. Call a private investigator now to protect yourself and secure your privacy and freedom. 

TSCM report will be furnished upon competion of assignment and per agreement.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures Form

Clients statements suffering from ease dropping surveillance has been a growing problem since surveillance devices have been available at a cheap price; And easy to order online from various sources. Not to mention how it became much easier to use and the surveillance device merchants advertise user friendly.

Client; Joshua Morales Sanchez States the following:

with my car i put the phone in window….the whole investigation they layed of for a while because i met a new dude but not on my phone in person so they couldn’t tell him to watch me or anything and me and him was ok for a month and as soon as I called my father from his phone then all of a sudden he wouldn’t speak to me any more and put me out but for that month there was no investigator following me soon as he put me out my dad called me an uber and it was an investigator uber car and now they’re all following me again….I also fo certain stuff on purpose when I am. Not around my dad used to see if my dad attitude changes when i call him

For example i put on some very short clothes and walked on Figueroa on purpose and now he says i cant come to his house but befote i did that he was saying come home…im not a prostitutes but i did tbat om purpose and now his whole deminer is diferrent

On my metro pcs phone, Kaiser is the main buisness that has something to do with it and also Ube,r lyft ,cvs,and alot of food places and grocery stores

I have any infortmation you need i am ready to stop being harrassed and stalked the reason i get high is because its the only way i can deal with getting followd and harrased everywhere i go and the reason they have me under investagtion is to stop gettng high

I have enoug evidence and I’m becoming collateral damage. I am under investagtion and its been happening for two years now ,everybody i hang out witj or go around they contact and make them get me off of stuff and put me out are make ne spend all my money and put me out they can also see what im writing right now my phone is tapped and its camerad everywhere i go from cars to places…..also thry implanted a microchip in me against my will…..i can send you some license plates from 2 years ago to now and you can run them…..1 year ago i had a car and my lawyer was going to use it for collateral and they had a private investagator crash into me ….also the reason they hired these people 2 years ago is so i can stop using drugs but its still illegal i was 21 and now im 23

I have pictures from both of the trackers in my car befote they hit it; I hace videos of the cameras in my car and of the lady that lived inback of my dad i filmed her messing

i have its not a regular camera its a camera that is linked to this investagtion

Anf everywhwre i go they always shine there phone on me,fidgy spinners,watches,chargers,jewlerry,glasses

They all have cameras

And wherever i go its cameras installed in every house and everybody has acces to my microchip because they try to make it seem like im hearing stuff,they mess with my eyes to make it seem like im seeing stuff,and they make little electrify noises so i can think im.paranoid and something is wrong with me when they first put the microchop in i didnt no i had one so i woild get scared and run to kaiser when i heard these noisesbut now i no everytime i get high the voices are set theew the microchip are whoever im arounf is messing with it from there phone

When this investagtion first started it was 2016

It stopped on 09/19/2018

Then my dad contacted the boy i was livin with and

It started back up in October 2018.

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