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Los Angeles County Process Server was assaulted while doing her official duty.   #Losangelescounty
Don’t shoot the #messenger; you will get a bad “wrap” and another lawsuit ! #privateinvestigator  took video of the entire incident.
#WillieMaxwell Aka #FettyWap has been served with a legal law suit in #BeverlyHills at the #Thebeverlyhilton in #santamonica.
#FettyWop #bodyguard has assaulted the #processserver 2 times by hitting her hand in order to #illegally stop the #processserverfrom serving Willie Maxwell Aka Fetty Wop.  #criminalviolation #obstructionofjustice   Reported by Blue Systems International

Don’t shoot the messenger
#fettywap bodyguard #assaulted #Laprocessserver.
#Fettywap #serverd by #LAprivateinvestigator and a #RPS which means #registeredprocessserver #processserver in #Losangeles
#privateinvestigation firm #Bluesystemsinternational
By Blue Systems International

Service of process is a legal procedure is a very important and sensitive task that must be completed professional by a private investigator or a registered process server.  Our private investigators are licensed, insured, bonded and registered process servers.  We photo and video record every service of process in order to avoid any legal arguments by the defendants in regards to a non-service of process.  Registered process servers are registered with Los Angeles county, Orange county and Riverside county courts.  A California registered process server are considered officials  at the time of serving court documents upon a defendant or plaintiff. A process server is able to process serve any court documents in the entire state of California.

Private Investigator Service of Process - Orange County and Southern CaliforniaAttorneys always investigate the service of process when defending clients that have court orders against them.  The service of process must be completed professionally and without a reasonable doubt in order to pass through the legal scrutiny of attorneys who are defending their clients and demanding the court to set aside a court order or judgment.  We understand that attorneys will investigate and aggressively attempt to find any issues, mistakes or doubts in order to press the court for immediate relief and to reverse the court order or judgment.  There are many mistakes, errors and arguments that can be argued when investigating a service of process.  Here are a few discrepancies that an attorney can take advantage of without a doubt:

1.    Is the Service of process form correct and appropriate for the case ?

2.    Was the service of process form completed and signed by a registered process server ?

3.    Does the details of the service of process must match exact details of the process of service ?

4.    Did the process server conduct the due diligence correctly and within the court rules and state laws ?

5.  Did the registered process server have jurisdiction at location and time of the serve ?

6.  Did the process server mail the service of process in a timely manner ?

7.    Last but not least, the defendant will lie and commit perjury in a court of law and deny receipt of the summons and court documents.  I have seen this happen many times over the years!

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Obviously if the attorney prevails in disqualifying the process of service; He will demand that the court to set aside any orders or judgments.  A devastating scenario since it means that you have to start all over again and refile your case with the court and start the service of process again in order to serve the defendant in the case.

The judgments and court orders will be voided and set aside as if it did not exist or happen and the entire case and procedure must be started again, including paying out court and process of service fees. Therefore, we always take every precaution and video tape the serve in order to avoid any issues or discrepancies in the future.  A video tape and photos are priceless when a defendant is attempting to deny receiving the legal documents from a registered process server.

Service of process must be addressed at the highest level of importance since it can be devastating to a case and will cost you stress, time and money. Get it done right the first time and allow us to help you!

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