How does a polygraph work?

A very sophisticated system and computerized software is designed to measure, detect and record changes in a person’s body language, physiological characteristics, such as a person’s pulse and breathing rates; the computerized system and software is especially manufactured for the purposes of lie detection.  Detective MJ has been a private investigator for over 20 years and he utilizes the most advanced techniques and methods when administering a polygraph exam.

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A polygraph test distinguishes between who is telling the truth and who is lying.   No one should refuse to take a polygraph, especially if they have nothing to hide.  In a polygraph the results can be pass, fail or inconclusive.

Blue systems international is a private investigation agency and polygraph investigators, we provide polygraph exams for infidelity investigations, criminal investigations, theft investigations, fraud investigations and many other types of cases.

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Why should I accept or agree to take a polygraph?

If a person accuses you of lying and deception, than it should be very important for you, to prove your innocence with the least amount of effort.  A polygraph can provide a painless, cost effective method to prove your innocence and the truth.  The naturalist and easiest thing for a human being is to tell the truth; it sets you free and gives you the right to express yourself.  The truth not only sets you free and always to express yourself; moreover, it allows you to respect yourself and doesn’t allow you to live in denial.  Once you have taken a polygraph and proofed your innocence than you can continue living your life with your head high and no worries.

polygraph system machine

polygraph system machine

If you fail the polygraph and now you have been caught as a liar, than it maybe the best thing for you to live in the present and not in denial or deception.  Living through lies and deception will tear your soul apart and transform you into a person that you may not recognize even in the mirror.   Deception and lying is compared to a drug addict who believes that one more hit would be the last one.  Afterwards, you will find yourself all alone and looking in the mirror you will only see a stranger.  Pass or fail both ways you will come out as a winner; since the truth is living life in time.

Is a polygraph 100% perfect tool to find out the truth?

Is the polygraph a perfect test?  A polygraph combined with voice analysis lie-detector test quarantines and disables any person’s attempts to fool a polygraph examination.  In my opinion, “yes” a polygraph can be a perfect test if combined with a voice analysis lie-detector test, interrogation techniques, investigations and surveillance.

A voice analysis lie-detector test carried out with a polygraph can be provide exceptional results at a 99% .

How can I beat or deceive a polygraph?

Don’t waste your time and money by attempting to find ways to deceive a polygraph since it will probably not work.  Today’s advanced technology and sophisticated computerized systems are capable of measuring and detecting any misconception which can actually be measured to a grain of sand.

Blue systems international provides polygraph exams in the following areas: Orange county, Los Angeles county, Riverside county, San Bernardino county including Newport Beach, Anaheim Hills, Downey, Whittier, Fullerton, Anaheim, Laguna Nigel.

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