Paralegal Services

At Blue Systems International, we offer comprehensive Paralegal Services.

Why hire a paralegal?

Since lawyers and attorneys can be extremely costly and they don’t like to take the document preparation type of cases. Attorneys and lawyers enjoy working on cases that require court appearances and litigation. Orange County Paralegals loves cases that are simple and need document preparation. Paralegal in Orange County costs approximately 75% less than what an attorney would normally charge. The main reason that you should hire a paralegal is to save money.

Although paralegals do not give legal advice, they are educated in legal procedures and have excellent communication skills. They often are able to explain complicated issues in terms that are easier to understand.

Request Paralegal ServicesThere are times you need help fling out legal forms. Our paralegals know how to organize information on the forms in a logical fashion in a manner that opponents and courts understand. We can assist you in preparing legal documents for many different areas of law. We are detail-oriented and have particular experience with filling out forms and preparing pleadings in the following legal areas:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Business/Corporate
  • Collections
  • Family Law
  • Foreclosures
  • Immigration
  • Intellectual Property
  • Litigation
  • Probate and Estate Planning
  • Real Estate
  • Securities Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Personal Injury

Our lead investigator at Blue Systems International has legal experience as a lead investigator with several attorneys. We pride ourselves on our communication skills and will work diligently with you to be sure the forms we fill out accurately reflect your needs and the messages you wish to convey. We provide high quality services with a quick turn-around time.

If you need a private investigator in Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino, or anywhere in Southern California for quality paralegal services, contact Blue Systems International today – 714-592-8000.

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