Judgment Collections Form

A judgment is the official legal compensation or orders the judge grants the winner of a case when legal action has been taken to a courtroom. A Judgement Collection is the process in which one of our Private Investigators strategically collects what is owed as deemed by the court. We operate at a level of absolute security and confidentiality for all parties involved. Judgment Collection can be done through many tactical methods including Locating and Foreclosing debtors Real estate, locating hidden bank accounts and seizing funds, seizing automobiles, motorcycles, and boats and selling them at personal auctions, etc. With the unfortunate truth being that more than 80% of Judgements go uncollected make sure you get back what is owed to you! We work with the 4 P’s Professionalism, Privacy, Politeness, and Promptness so you can expect our results to be clean and on time.

Please answer all questions to the best of your ability and knowledge. If you do not know the answer or the question does not apply to you, Please skip it and go to the next question. Please make sure to click on submit in order for our office to receive your intake form. 

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