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Judgment Collections RequestThe Judgment Collection & Recovery Process

We are licensed private investigators that collect judgments for consumers and corporations.
Judgment recovery is a complicated process and in order to collect on a judgment, a licensed private investigator must be competent and aggressive! The first most important task when collecting a judgment is a nationwide comprehensive asset search on the subject in order to locate any assets and immediately file a lien against those assets.

If you have a potentially collectible judgment recovery case where the principal rendered at verdict is $2,000 or more? A licensed private investigator can evaluate your judgment collection case and will advise you on the best avenues to execute your judgment against the defendant. We can collect the most judgment on a contingency fee which means that there shouldn’t be out of pocket expenses!

The first step is to complete and submit an email with a short description of the judgment information. A Judgment Case Questionnaire will be emailed to you. You must complete the Judgment Case Questionnaire and include a photocopy, fax or scan of the judgment in your case. a licensed private investigator will conduct an educated analysis of your judgment and will advise you of the steps that will be taken in order to enforce your judgment.

Judgment Collection methods include:

    • Locating and foreclosing on real estate owned by the debtor or fraudulent transferees.
    • Seizing automobiles, motorcycles, boats, personal watercraft and other toys, then selling them at a public auction.
    • Locating hidden bank and brokerage accounts and seizing those funds.
    • Locating the employment of the debtor and garnishing those wages.
    • Obtaining a Court order to garnish the wages of the debtor’s spouse.
    • Piercing through asset protection schemes and corporate veils.
    • Seizing shareholders interests in corporations and obtaining charging orders to attach interests in LLC’s and partnerships.
    • Sheriff till taps (emptying the cash register of a business)
    • Sheriff keepers (instructing the sheriff to spend all day in a debtors business and seize all money that the business generates)
    • Subpoena records from friends, family, and other businesses to discover assets.
    • Obtain court orders to force third parties (friends, family, business associates, etc.) to testify regarding the debtors’ assets.
    • Place liens on business and personal property of the debtor.
    • EUO, Examination under Oath.  You can visit the court where you’ve received the judgment and find out the procedure on how to subpoena her in court to testify under Oath.
    • And a whole lot more!

What is a Judgment Collection?

A Judgment is a court order entered against a defendant in a case to compensate a person or entity for damages. If you have sued a person or corporation and won in court than a Judge would enter a judgment, Court Order against the defendant for a number of damages. Our firm has private investigators, attorneys, and paralegals with a combined experience of over 100 years! Aggressive agents geared towards collection your judgment and forcing the accused to respect and abide by the judgment and court order.

Judgment Collecting is referring to the set of very important activities which have to ensure the successful and complete implementation of the certain court order. This is actually the second or post-court phase very often neglected by the people who eventually win the cases. We are focusing all of our energy and time on winning the case without even asking ourselves what is going to happen afterward. The truth is actually quite different. The real job starts as soon as you leave the courtroom. The sad fact is that no one gives you any kind of a guarantee that all the letters from your judgment will become truly alive in the real-life situations. This is particularly true for the money judgments. We have to say that not all of the judgments require to be collected. However, the vast majority of them really needs additional help and work. The judgment collection is the very borderline where the certain piece of paper becomes a judgment. Remember this simple rule: without the successful implementation, there cannot be room for your rightful satisfaction.

Do I need a Judgment Collection?

In case you are asking yourself this question or you are having some second thoughts about, here is an interesting fact definitely worth to be seriously considered. Almost 80% of all judgments were never successfully collected, regardless of the court decision which clearly supports your claim. There are so many reasons which can prevent you from the successful materialization of the judgment issued in your own case. Let us mentions some of the common ones: you may not have enough time, resources or money. Perhaps the expertise and professional help which the other party receives strongly work against you and your rightful claim. When it comes to the judgment collection the things are surprisingly simple for you. You are always free to choose, but there is a high probability that you will lose. It is worth mentioning that you can have all the justice of the world collected in your judgment. It is also true that this cannot guarantee you to see your judgment becoming a part of real life with all positive consequences associated with it. You can even say it is my way or the highway. However, this can also mean that you will end up with a piece of paper with no practical value and with no money in your pockets. On the other side, you can leave this stressful and time consuming job to be handled by the professionals.

What can you do for my Case?

Here’s a case scenario in a judgment collection action against a ludicrous lady that we’ve been chasing to collect on a judgment:

I went to court last Friday regarding Krysta Cutler. I spoke to both the civil and criminal departments. They said her warrant is active and her probation is revoked. I hope the civil side she is not complying with the court case judgment. They said there’s nothing they can do about that. Our only hope is to get her arrested and then assigned to formal probation and they require her to get a job so I can collect on her income. Let me know your thoughts. Apparently, I have not registered on your website so I can update it there. I don’t see a way to register.

We will have to set up surveillance on her last known address which will cost approximately $420 for 4 hours. OR you can wait until she is arrested and picked up through the sheriff. No telling how long that would take; sooner or later she will be arrested.

We are the professionals who have been dealing with the judgment collecting cases for years. In addition, we have the resources and expertise to bring you the results you are so eager to witness. It is important for you to remember that with our work and involvement we are making the difference between a judgment which is collecting nothing more than dust on your table, or the one which is bringing you additional values or money on your bank account. One more thing should be also mentioned. During the time of our engagement, you can rest assured that the professionals acting on your behalf will be guided by the highest standards of the ethical behavior. We maintain the careful balance between the rights of the debtors on the one side and the requirements of the creditors on the other side. Our aim is to bring you only the cleanest results with no additional trouble for you. Our 4P’s referring to our work include the following: Professionalism, Privacy, Politeness, and the most importantly Promptness. All of our work is being done professionally and only by the professionals. In our work, we truly respect the privacy of both parties creditor and debtor. Although we are dealing with the sensitive issues, we are successful in maintaining the required and expected level of politeness. We act and deliver promptly. We understand that in this matter time factor is of great importance. We can save so many crucial elements for you when dealing with the Judgments Collections: your time, money, energy, and most importantly your nerves.

If you need a private investigator in Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino, or anywhere in Southern California for a judgment collection case, contact Blue Systems International today – 714-592-8000.

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Judgment Collections Request

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