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Fraud investigation is a complex investigation that requires experience, knowledge and understanding within the legal system in order to successfully prosecute fraud criminals.  Blue Systems International (BSI) has successfully prosecuted fraud criminals and helped clients recover their losses through a very unique and advanced fraud investigation methods and techniques. 

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Blue Systems International (BSI) is a team of former state and federal law enforcement investigators with combined experience of over 100 years. The private investigation agency is licensed, insured and bonded.

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We have access to the most advanced and sophisticated tools and systems in the investigation industry. Thus, we are able to provide our clients with accurate and outstanding results. In addition, our investigative efforts reach throughout the United States. Therefore, allowing BSI to conduct international as well as comprehensive background checks upon demand. All of our agreements and contracts bind the firm with a confidentiality clause and all of our clients’ information is kept confidential at the highest level and priority. Likewise, all of our communication is through a secured system on our website making the availability, integrity and confidentiality of your content fail-safe.



Fraud Investigations case

In 2013, defendant Patel Ramesh Westasingheko borrowed $18,000 from AnushikaAlkareem abd el moftah for the use of business purposes with an agreement to repay.  Ms. Alkareem abd el moftah had written him a check with the understanding that he would pay her back in monthly installments.  The defendant had given the victim four installments in the form of a checks in following amounts: $5,000/$5,000/$6,000/$2,000. The plaintiff (victim) attempted to cash the checks and was informed the checks were fraudulent.  After many attempts to contact the defendant and rectify the situationThe plaintiff (victim) filed a lawsuit.  Shortly after The plaintiff (victim) filed her lawsuit, the defendant filed for bankruptcy.  The defendant informed The plaintiff (victim) of the bankruptcy and deterred her from attending the trustee meeting and assured her he would pay her back the monies.  The defendant did not fulfill his promise to repay her.

The plaintiff (victim) has acquired knowledge through mutual friends regarding  the defendants illegal business dealings using Amazon.  The defendant solicits to obtain social security numbers to use for business purposes (buying/selling products) on Amazon. In return, the defendant will pay those who permit him to use their social security numbers. The defendant also has obtained social security numbers of the deceased individuals.  Through networking with mutual friends The plaintiff (victim) has learned that the defendant has borrowed from others and neglected to repay his debts to them.  In response to The plaintiff (victim) sharing with others the defendant owes her money, the defendant has sentThe plaintiff (victim) threatening text messages.

The plaintiff (victim) had stated that the defendants wife had been fired or forced to resign  from her position at the Montessori school in Costa Mesa for wage fraud.  The defendant’s wife had acquired her own immigration documents that included inflated wage figures, and used them illegally to qualify for the purchase of a home.   The defendant has further threatened to commence cyber attack on the The plaintiff (victim) if she didn’t stop her collection efforts.

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