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Read Testimonials from Clients Who Have Worked With Our Orange County Private Investigators

Cindy Stahl
“The Background checks by a licensed private investigator is the right way to go. The online background checks are a waste of time and money since they don’t have access to criminal records, arrest records or confidential court cases.

MJ PI is one of the most understanding and [intelligent] PI firm’s that I have ever dealt with and I am confident that anyone would appreciate the private investigation services. MJ has the most advanced surveillance, bug detection, and device monitoring equipment that I have ever seen. The PI firm is dedicated and understood my needs with excellent communication at

The PI firm is dedicated and understood my needs with [excellent] communication at any time of the day.”

Guillermo D. Jalil
“Outstanding and prompt service. You’re a real contribution to our industry in terms of follow through, integrity and keeping your word. Thank you for responding on short notice.”

Sabrina Aziz
“I highly recommend Blue Systems International Investigations! They are professional, experienced, and effective in resolving your issues promptly! No job is too small for this company. As a Paralegal, I have worked with them on several cases on and found them to be ethical, responsive, and very on top of their assignments to get the job done. If you want an excellent P.I. with 20+ years experience and has a law enforcement background, I suggest you contact Blue Systems Int’l!”

Cheryl Lewis
“I recently required the services of a PI. for the purpose of removing tracking devices from my car and phone. Blue Systems personnel MJ and Keith arrived within an hour of my call. They brought very sophisticated equipment to take care of my problem in a professional manner. I would highly recommend these well-trained officers if you find yourself in my situation. Peace of mind is something you can’t put a price on.”

Oleana R.
“Unfortunately I needed to confirm a report to me that my spouse was cheating on me. Detective Michael took my information very seriously and appeared confident about taking the case. He kept in close contact with me and provided me with information on a daily basis. He provided video evidence sent to my cell phone of unfortunately my spouse with another woman. However, at least I was now sure of the cheating and with solid evidence, confidently filed for divorce. Michael was professional and worked with a partner Kieth (one in the car and one on foot) to achieve these results. Worth every penny. If you suspect cheating, do not tell your significant other. Instead, hire a PI and catch them off guard before they figure out how to hide their cheating from you!”

Sari Aldumaire
“A team of top professionals in the investigations field, no matter what I ask for they always get it exactly on time. This team is led by the tremendous intellectual personal investigator Mr. MJ, this man is a wall breaker. Once I had a fraud problem with a tenant who didn’t pay rent for 4 months then disappeared, so I asked two local investigators to find the guy and I gave them 350$. It took them 3 months to reply with nothing. My friend told me about Blue Systems International and he gave me their number so I called and I had an appointment with Mr. MJ himself who treated me as great friend, so after I explained my situation he told me to give me three days and I’ll call you, so i left the information he asked for and he called me on a Sunday which is supposed to be a “day off” for him and told me he has everything about the tenant and the very next morning i went to his office in Anaheim and he gave me his phone numbers and where he lives and he got a hold on him on the phone and after he knew his current location Mr. MJ personally drove me to Silver Lake, Los Angeles and we got the guy and I got all my money back. All that in one week. And it all cost me almost what I paid for the two lazy investigators who ripped me off.This guy is AMAZING. I recommend him for everyone. Thanks, MJ 馃檪 馃檪 馃檪 Best experience ever. ”

James Maxheimer
” I honestly couldn’t imagine what an experienced private investigator can find out the truth and help resolve legal problems so quickly and easily. The best private investigator in Orange County. MJ is very helpful and professional; I always call MJ when I have a legal problem that needs investigating which is the best and most cost-effective way! MJ is a very intelligent private investigator who thinks outside of the box !”

Tibor Bozzay
“MJ is a very thorough and detailed investigator and his attention to detail is evident on the reports and updates he provided to me and my client. I recommend him to anyone that needs his services personally or professionally. The quality of his work has been invaluable to my clients in Orange and San Diego Counties.”

Aslan Moallem
“I had a great experience with this private investigator. They were very professional and worked both quickly and efficiently on my case. I appreciated their hard work and caring attitude. I would definitely refer them to friends and family.”

Sindy Doll
“I had great experience from the frim when I need their help to find out about some information I was un sure about. They were able to get to bottom of my case and sort out any issues I was having.”

Stephen Mashney
” I’m so glad I got to know MJ from Blue Systems International.

MJ is truly a very effective and thorough PI. What I like about him most is that he loves what he does and he always goes the extra mile again and again without overcharging his clients.

I wish that all private investigators and process servers are like him. I highly recommended for investigations and process service him without hesitation!”

Nathan Hall
“Sooooo gooood”

Khalil Maamoon
“Excellent Private Investigator! MJ understands the evidence process and how to prepare it for court proceedings.”

Patricia Starbird
“MJ is first and foremost knowledgeable, skilled, thorough, and professional. He and his team have the resources to get the information that matters to you. You need this information in order to make an intelligent decision that will effect your life for years to come.”

Luis Perez
“Un gran investigador privado y muy razonable en sus precios.

Great PI very professional and very reasonable price wise”

Beshara Mashney
“The Best Of The BEST! Unfortunately, I’ve had to use a plethora of private investigators and I have never relied on a better firm! They helped me with catching my girlfriend of 2 years with another man and they helped me locate an old coworker that had a business computer of my companies. Before every interaction they would call me and inform me on what they were about to do, and after, they would always call me and explain to me what happened and what the next step was. Everything they do is written down and/or Recorded. They are honest, reasonably priced, and very VERY prompt. They want to gets things done just as much as much as the client does. 5 out of 5. I will never use a different firm other than Review Blue Systems Investigations.”

Sonic Sieng
“private investigator helped me with the surveillance case and assisted me with background check. Everything the private investigator said was right and I appreciated all the help. I called the private investigator because I wanted to find out the real truth.

Investigador privado me ayud贸 con el caso de vigilancia y me ayud贸 con verificaci贸n de antecedentes. Todo lo que el investigador privado dijo que ten铆a raz贸n y me gust贸 toda la ayuda. Llam茅 al detective privado porque quer铆a averiguar la verdad real.”

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