Case Update Form

In order to exceed your expectations and provide outstanding private investigations service.

We have developed a “case update form” on our website. This case update form will be broadcasted to all investigators and staff in order to ensure that a prompt timely and accurate response is provided to our clients. You may upload documents and photos from your cell phone, device or computer.

Please help us communicate at an optimum level by informing us of crucial information and filling out the case update form on our website.

Please answer all questions to the best of your ability and knowledge. If you do not know the answer or the question does not apply to you, Please skip it and go to the next question. Please make sure to click on submit in order for our office to receive your intake form. 

Case Updates are periodical check-ins that clients have the right to in order to learn the status of a case or add any information, details, or files to a case. Although this may seem like just a simple feature, assisting our investigators by ensuring we have all current documentation and files can truly benefit the success of a case. Similar to Witness Statements the information given in Case Updates are also used to create a factual timeline to fill in possible gaps and leads during an investigation. Ultimately leading to quicker and cleaner investigative results.

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