Mind Kidnapping Investigations

I know it sounds strange; What in God’s name is mind kidnapping?  In my 27 years of experience as a Private Investigator, I have encountered several cases that I’ve tagged as mind kidnapping cases.   A sophisticated intellectual, intelligent and conning criminal mind that strategically overpowers another weaker minded person.  Mind kidnapping usually involves a minor person ages 15-20 years old, where the mind hasn’t fully developed.  In many cases, I find the victim’s ages ranging from 14 to 50 years old; Since some individuals minds are not well developed with limited life experiences.

Blue Systems International private investigations firm was just recently hired to track a 16 year old mentality who’s in a 32 year old female body.

Any ideas 💡. She’s been under mind Kidnapping control and then that escalated to entice her to sucker money out of her mom. A sophisticated intellectual, intelligent and conning criminal mind that has been enticing her to demand money from her mother.

Our team of professional experienced private investigators, with the merciful lord’s help, are capable to investigate mind kidnapping cases and save the victims.  One of our private Investigator’s techniques that works miracles and saves the victims through surveillance, investigations, and intervention.  Criminal minds who are intelligent and sophisticated are the ones who got away with many crimes and therefore, those criminals believe that they’re too smart to get caught; Pride is their weakness and first sin ever committed.   Conceded vindictive criminals know exactly how to manipulate the legal system and deal with the police; What they underestimate and don’t calculate in their conning criminal equation is private investigators.  The most advance experienced, sophisticated and intelligent minds are no match for the team of experienced, devoted, persistent and powerful investigations minds of BSI private investigators.  For a free consultation, please don’t hesitate to contact Blue Systems International Private Investigations firm.

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