Private Investigator in Santa Ana

Santa Ana Private Investigators enjoy, specialize and love to work for companies and corporations that are suffering from Worker compensation fraudulent claims.

Our surveillance investigators Are equipped with the most advanced cameras, binoculars and tools that are gears for a Worker’s Compensation investigation and surveillance.

The professional private investigator’s team in Santa Ana enjoys serving Santa Ana and Orange County, California clients. Santa Ana private investigator truly puts their client’s first including safety, well being, assets and legal rights.

Are you suing someone?

Are you being sued?

Did a suspect scam you?

Are your husband or wife cheating and committing infidelity you?

Do you have a personal problem and issue that needs to be investigated?

Is one of your former employees or independent contractors filing a worker compensation claim against you?

Maybe one of your employees this claim and they were hurt on the job but you believe they are just trying to get paid we are here to do a thorough investigation we provide services like Background checks to see if your former employee has done this to any of their other former employers.

Or perhaps one of your employees is filing a suit against you for wrongful termination?


Whatever the case maybe we here at Santa Ana private investigators can help you find all the answers within the law and saving you all the danger of not knowing the truth, stress, headaches. and financial stress. Private detectives in Santa Ana are eager to engage and start investigations for people that need help in a personal or legal matter.

That is just one of the many services we provide for our Clientele. While you may only have access to public record’s, private investigator’s team in Santa Ana can go above and beyond to capture the most sensitive, confidential and hidden information, evidence, photos, including videos.  Give us a call and I guarantee that Santa Ana private investigators always are looking forward to exceeding your expectations and you will not be disappointed.

Private detective in Orange County, Santa Ana, California

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