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Auto accident Private investigator

Private investigator witnessed a hit and run auto accident on 04/07/2017 Private investigator, MJ PI witnessed auto accident on 04/07/2017; A silver Chrysler PT cruiser, bearing California license plate number: 6NSE066 Rear-ended a black Toyota Camry. A female was driving the silver Chrysler PT cruiser.  After the accident the female driver took off and left [..]

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PI can do it, not you.

Pi can do it and not, you mean that a private investigator can do private investigation work and not anyone else who is not a licensed private investigator who has experience and knowledge of the law. Blue systems international private investigations frim reminds the public and everyone that a  Pi can do it, not you.  The private investigator is [..]

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Terrorist Attacks Coming Soon

Islamic Ramadan is predicted to end on July 4, 2016 That’s a very disturbing since there were probably be copy cat terrorists attacks! #MJPI #privateinvestigator #Bluesysteminternational#Bluesystemsinvestigatios #Abc7eyewitnessnews #Abc7eyewitness#Kcal9news #reportinglive #losangeles #orangecounty #riversidecounty #mjpi#Internationalprivateinvestigator #terrorism #fbi

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