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Camden Nicholson

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Triple Murder Investigation

In February 2019; Kim Nicholson reached to Blue Systems International Private Investigations about her missing son Camden Nicholson. Chief Private Investigator Michael Youssef met with the mother Kim Nicholson and the father Richard (Rick) Nicholson at their home, 36 Palazzo, Newport Beach CA 92660; in order to discuss the case of their missing son Camden Nicholson. Mr. and Mrs. Nicholson were very nice and concerned about the safety of their son. Mr. and Mrs. Nicholson primary goal and concern was to locate Camden and conduct surveillance on him in order to have physical evidence and proof that would help them get a conservatorship over their son because they knew that their son was suffering from extreme mental instability.  The Nicholson’s family further wanted us to make contact with Camden Nicholson and offer to assist in getting him medical assistance. Rick and Kim Nicholson were worried about their son, to the point that they asked what were the chances of finding their son dead.

Our Chief Investigator questioned Rick and Kim Nicholson about the delay in hiring a private investigator, especially when Camden was using the parent’s credit card and it would be very easy to locate him while the credit card was still active.  Our Chief Investigator explained to Mr. and Mrs. Nicholson that it would not be easy, and would take time in order to locate their son.

private investigator story with Camden Nicholson will be updated regularly

private investigator story with Camden Nicholson will be updated regularly

Kim Nicholson had prepared a written statement that she read to me, in that statement she said: That Camden was a normal healthy man and until the age of 19 when he went on a Mormon’s mission in March 2010. A four-page written statement by Kim Nicholson was submitted to me and Stated that:

“My name is Kim Nicholson that Camden Burton Nicholson’s mother. My son Camden left on an LDS mission to Jacksonville, Florida Spanish-speaking mission in March 2010, at the age of 19 years old. Before Camden left on his mission, he was one of the most kindest, gentle, easy-going, and functioning young man. After nine months is in the mission field, the doctor called stating, “Camden wanted to commit suicide.” Camden was immediately sent home.

“The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Agency has wasted an enormous 3.7 billion/year budget on fraudulent projects that has done nothing to rescue and help the mentally ill not to mention, how the system has been taken advantage of by corrupt, unethical doctors (Francis MD, 2015) like Suzie Schuder, who has been convicted of felony crimes and is being sentenced to prison.

Camden Nicholson's white Audi

Photo of White Audi car that was driven by Camden Nicholson.

Our Chief Investigator learned that Camden Nicholson left his place of residence; On December 13, 2018, the mother, Kim Nicholson explained that her son left the home suddenly without any apparent reason. Kim Nicholson tried to contact her son via telephone and email without any success.  During the month of January 2019, Mr. Nicholson noticed that Camden was using his credit card at a Marriott and giving excessive tips over a $1,000.00 in one transaction and in excess of $15,000.00 in total.  Mr. Camden decided to contact his credit card company and cancel Camden’s credit card.

Camden NicholsonCamden Nicholson was known to use Marijuana and steroids which were ordered from illegal online drug stores. Camden had an appetite for watching porn on the internet and contacting escorts to speak and chat with them.  It was not confirmed that he had met with any of the escorts.  Camden may have had a girlfriend named “Lisa” from Colorado, however, it has not been confirmed.  It’s believed that Camden became homeless after the cancellation of the credit card; Since he was not able to pay for his hotel stays. Camden has sent disturbing text messages to all family members with threats.

This story will be updated regularly

Blue Systems International Private Investigations firm was hired in February in order to locate Camden Nicholson and conduct surveillance on him in order to prove that he is incompetent and to file for the mother and father to obtain a conservatorship.  Blue Systems International private investigators started looking for Camden Nicholson all over Orange County, CA, Including running a comprehensive background check, a vehicle locate report and a request to CPRA for the 911 call that Camden made on 2/4/2019.

Camden Nicholson

Camden Nicholson photo of California driver license.

At approximately 9:00 pm, February 15, 2019, Irvine police reached out to Newport police asking them to do a welfare check at a home located at, the Nicholson residence.  The request came after the Irvine Police had spoken to their son, Camden in the emergency room of Kaiser Permanente, Orange County- Irvine Medical Center.

While in the middle of the investigation; It appears that Camden Nicholson killed his mother and father and the housekeeper. A horrific and horrible senseless loss of life. May the Lord have mercy on all of us.

Newport Beach Officers arrived to find three victims dead in their home. Mr. Richard Nicholson was the CEO of Pacific Medical Laboratory in Irvine according to the O.C. Register. Camden Nicholson has been booked into the Orange County Jail.  Allegedly Kim, Rick Nicholson, and Maria Morse were stabbed by their Son, Camden Nicholson.

Investigation Findings in Triple Homicide Investigation of Newport Beach, Ca

Camden Nicholson was known to use excessive pot and has purchased many steroids from illegal online drug stores.  A contributing factor is obviously the excessive Marijuana mixed with purchasing online steroids that may have been tainted and or mixed with other stimulants Narcotics.  This dangerous cocktail of drugs would lead to paranoia and psychosis combined with anger, malice and rage is the perfect combination to a mind bugling, horrific, life-changing, inhumane regrettable deadly action.

Orange County Court case update for Camden Nicholson Murder Charges

According to Orange County court records via online, Camden Nicholson has been charged with murder, California penal code PC 187 with special circumstances.  The court records show that Camden Nicholson murdered his mother Kim Nicholson and father Rick Nicholson on  02-11-2019 and afterward the housekeeper Maria Morse on 2-12-2019 at the Newport Beach residence in Orange County, California.  The District attorney for Orange County, Mathew Murphy is the prosecutor assigned to the case. The following photos are from the online Orange County Records for Camden Nicholson.

Camden Nicholson Plea on criminal charges Special Circumstances PC 187 Murder Charges on 02-11-2019 in Orange County Court Records

Orange County Court Records for Camden Nicholson Plea on criminal charges Special Circumstances PC 187 Murder Charges on 02-11-2019

Camden Nicholson was charged with 3 murder cases - Triple murder in Orange County court Newport Beach

Orange County Court Records for Camden Nicholson that describes PC 187 Murder Charges

Court records of Orange County for Camden Nicholson murder cases with details

Mathew Murphy is the Orange County prosecutor according to Orange County Court Records for Camden Nicholson triple murder charges with Special Circumstances PC 187 Murder Charges on 02-11-2019 Camden Nicholson was charged with 3 murder cases – Triple murder in Orange County court Newport Beach


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