Private Investigator in Orange County

The history

Private Investigator in Orange County


Investigations  in its most basic form is obtaining pieces of information. However, the industry is no longer as simple as the definition once was. The private investigation industry has evolved and diversified since they became popular in the 19th century in the US. With the exploits of Allan Pinkerton of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency. The original private investigators were relegated to doing the work the police officers were unable or unwilling to do from security to even the early form of forensics. This important aspect of private investigators, the willingness and dedication to continue where others would not is what led to the increase in demand and led them to become a larger and more powerful industry.

Private Investigator industry

The industry became more involved with other assignments rather than just criminal investigation. In fact, this industry also investigates missing people, mediates a variety of disputes, investigates corporate espionage. It also discovers and documents information for civil court cases, and does background checks. In addition, with the rise in technology-related problems and with limited legislative enforcement, it is necessary for private investigators to be able to help solve internal technological issues. For example –  hacking, social media abuses, and software/hardware vulnerabilities.

Private Investigator vs Peace officer

As an investigator is not a peace officer, they cannot rely upon the same rules and freedoms. In fact, a private investigator often does a similar job with fewer resources and more rules. For instance, if a private investigator ever had to arrest someone, he or she could not merely do so with a probable cause like a police officer. In this case, a private investigator or security guard has the same rights as civilians. However, just because a private investigator cannot arrest suspects does not mean they cannot period; for instance, if a felony occurs in front of them they can arrest the perpetrator with a citizen’s arrest.


Furthermore, investigators can help clients with legal problems by researching and accumulating additional evidence, have forensic specialists reevaluate evidence. And investigators can aid private companies with internal investigations conducted in the proper manner that can later be relayed to the District Attorney and police officers.

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