How to protect personal data from everyone and immediately

How to protect personal data from everyone and immediately


personal data

personal data

We are all under the hood. Each search request, every message in the messenger, every picture uploaded to the social network is a small thread leading directly to your home or office. Can these strands be cut off and protected from possible shadowing? Easily. Just not the fact that you like it.

1. Remove yourself  from all social networks

In every your account in social networks a lot of information: from the names of relatives and friends to favorite places and political views. The more often you express your opinion, respond to comments and make reposts, the more facts about your life you show to strangers. You can close the account, limit the issuance of the profile in the search and be friends only with the favorites. But there will be no pleasure from “contact” and “facebook” then.

2. Do not discuss important things on the Internet

Corresponding via e-mail and online messengers like Telegram or Viber is easy and convenient. But typing messages, we forget about an important detail: the history of correspondence is always preserved. Somewhere. Someone. So – it can come up at the most inopportune moment. This, incidentally, applies to SMS.

Uncomfortable? Yes. But the reasons for meeting friends and not only will be much more!

3. Buy a phone instead of a smartphone

A smartphone is smart. And it has more than enough “brains” to closely monitor her owner. For example, both iPhone and gadgets on Android by default save the history of the owner’s locations. But even if you turn off this function, the point at which the phone is located can be calculated from the signals of several cell towers.

Inside the smartphone, a whole spyware arsenal is hidden: a dictaphone, a Google keyboard (when installed, it even honestly reports that it keeps track of pressing), a front camera, a main camera and a bunch of position sensors.

How to protect yourself? The only way is to abandon smartphones once and for all, replacing them with a buttonless “ringer” without GPS support, which is much more difficult to listen to. Just do not forget to get the battery out of the phone at important meetings. Spy movies do not lie – just turn off the device is not enough.

4. Get three SIM-cards for all occasions

From the first card call only the closest people and relatives, and in any case do not tell her number to anyone. With the second communicate with less reliable people: friends and colleagues at work. You can buy the third SIM anonymously and do not insert it into the phone at all. It is needed for registration in various discount programs and participation in other pleasant but one-time promotions. Under an assumed name, of course. Please note that this number can be turned off at any time.

5. Do not download videos or other files to the Network

From each file uploaded to the Internet, there is a thin thread to the device from which it was transmitted. That is to your computer or smartphone. If it is a video that you yourself shot, then this is a real thing. It clearly indicates that you were in a certain place at a certain time.

There are quite comical situations. Fans of home “strawberry” sometimes upload photos with frank content to the Network, but without faces. And then they are easily found on the geometry, which is tied to the picture (suddenly!) Tied camera.

If the files are deleted immediately after the recipient has downloaded them, then their copies will still be stored for a very long time on the servers of the services where you placed the data.

What in the end?

Let’s summarize. Have you decided to protect as much as possible all the data about yourself? So now you are:

  • You use a regular phone instead of a smartphone
  • Carry several SIM-cards for different calls
  • Delete all your accounts in social networks
  • Do not send SMS to anyone and do not correspond with anyone in messengers
  • Closed bank accounts, receive salaries in cash and pay only in cash
  • Do not download any files to the Internet
  • Use only a browser with encryption and special search engines
  • Wear dark glasses and do not “shine” your face again

There will be much more free time, but not everyone will be able to live in a new world in the old way.

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