Debt collection legal entities

Debt collection legal entitie

Debt collection legal entities

Debts and their recovery – the problem of contemporary reality facing every individual and organization. Debts between legal persons – about 50 percent of the debt market in Moscow.

The majority of other organizations engaged in such debts entities reluctantly, and often unprofessional collector more focused on the debt portfolios of individuals to banks, and they do not have the resource to recover the debt of legal entities due to the narrow specialization. Law firms – focus on judicial foreclosure – thus the need to miss the pre-trial work with debt, sometimes triples the efficiency of recovery and avoid work after obtaining a judgment – leading you to losses.


The home to repay your organization often does not work. The reason is that each company has its own peculiarities of doing business, its working practices associated with running clients, contracts, production – assuming professionalism in a rather narrow field.

In these circumstances, engage in debt collection – not to anyone. Really create a division to collect on the basis of security, or the legal department – is inefficient and expensive, can affect all business in connection with a substantial change in the service profile, and therefore inappropriate. Besides debt collection – often carries significant risks branding – and employees of the organization focused on the position of “the customer is always right” – they should not be tolerated.

In such circumstances, in fact, legal persons perceive debt as a necessary evil, and are often reluctant to the idea of debt recovery, losing the primary resource. In this case, you can return any debt, and today in Moscow a professional debt collection legal entities engaged in detective agency.

Given the specificity of the detective agency can only effectively collect and single debt and debt portfolio of legal entities, and to organize an effective system of debt collection, taking into account the peculiarities of a particular business.

The agency has the resources of the pre-trial work with the debtor, has a division for judicial foreclosure, and carries out the necessary work to recover the debt after receiving the judgment. In this case, your costs are minimal, and detectives are remunerated only upon receipt of payment from the debtor.

Do not miss your opportunity, take the opportunity to repay the debt, being careful not to lose customers and speed development. It’s enough to charge a debt collection Detective Agency.

As a result, you pay back the loan, or get the system to recover the debt, it does not have to change anything in the current structure of your organization.

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