Fraud Claims and Forms

Suspected Fraudulent Claims (SFCs)
The Fraud Division has established a method for insurers to report suspected insurance fraud. It is important to know that notification of insurance fraud may be made anonymously. You may contact any of the Fraud Division Regional Offices directly responsible for your county. Other types of complaints may be directed to the Department’s Consumer Services Division. For further information about the Fraud Division and its programs, visit the Fraud Division’s home page.
The Insurance Code states that no insurer, or the employees or agents of any insurer, shall be subject to civil liability for libel, slander or any other relevant cause of action by virtue of providing information concerning a Suspected Fraudulent Claim (SFC) to law enforcement, including the California Department of Insurance, Fraud Division.

Promissory note fraud investigations

Promissory note fraud investigations

There have been some minor upgrades to our intake process that will allow us to email the initial status letters to a referring Special Investigative Unit (SIU). The Fraud Division receives on average 27,000 referrals each year across all fraud programs. Until recently, the process required the Fraud Division to print and mail the initial status letters to the referring SIU. The letter will now be sent to the email address that is provided on the FD-1 or eFD1. If no email address is provided, the letter will be mailed.  Background checks are always conducted on suspects who commit financial fraud.
Suspected Fraudulent Claim Form (electronic eFD-1)
Registration to Submit Electronic eFD-1s on a Continual Basis (i.e. Insurers, TPAs, Self-Insureds)
Suspected Fraudulent Claim Form (electronic eFD-1)

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